BI and Big Data solutions
to help companies develop
the powerful customized software systems they need
Marketing automation, loyalty solutions, customer analytics, Feedback Management, Customer journey analytics, ORM, etc
Analytical CRM & Customer Experience
Loan decision-making, collection, anti money laundering, antifraud solutions
Risk Management & Compliance
Implementing solutions to improve the organization
management efficiency (CPM)
Financial Intelligence
Operational CRM
Implementing Siebel, Salesforce, MS DX solutions
AI & ML solutions
AI, ML, ModelOps, etc
That's what we do
Process mining, IoT and RPA for data-driven solutions
IoT, RPA, Process Mining
Corporate dashboard strategy & design,
mobile dashboards & training
BI & Visualization
Data Management
DWH, Data lakes
Our expertise
Business spheres
Top-notch experts with 15+ years
of experience combining industrial
know-how with technical excellence
We work with large enterprises like Finance, Telco, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Manufacturing & Pharmaceuticals
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